Renovating the House with the Monks’ Corridor

It was the place with the long monks’ corridor in the basement, marble muted brown coral swirled walls… The place with the crumbling bedroom walls, each room decorated in a different style, some with ornate cat wallpaper, others Victorian but they all had their plaster crumbling behind…

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Ethiopian Theater and the Hidden Stage

It was night already as the bus bumped its way through the town of old Addis Ababa.

I was with Liam at the back. The open windows allowed us to peak out onto dim lit streets, street seller stalls dotted along the sidewalks, open spaced parks with meandering iron-post lamps followed their paths.

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The Intoxication of the Woman with Silver Hair

I was hosting a party and it was getting late. I stood in the kitchen, a long galley place with muted brown oak panelling but even though many people crowded around me I wanted to retire to my bed.

From one end of the kitchen into the bedroom I slipped out, and I went over to my pullout bed. Only a crack of light shone from the bedroom door back through to the kitchen.

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Are You A Sane Person?

“Are you a sane person?” she asked.

We walked up the dirt path away from the lecture hall. She had straight blonde hair, a cute pug nose and an open smile. To the right of her was a tall bamboo forest.

“Only on Sundays,” I replied and then uncertainly, “Do you want me to be?”

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The Lion and the Store Full Of Tchotchkes

All the other mini-creatures had been killed and only two remained.

They had to be taken out of the freezer and once they had thawed the mammoth was quite easy to kill but the lion was a different story.

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