The Pain of Things Left Unsaid

The pain of things left unsaid

It was my last day in Hong Kong and I hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye to Dee.

We’d only met up once during my visit and I was doing my final walk back up the shoreline path in Lamma. Lamma, with its narrow paths and hustling stalls on either side.

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Ana Wintour is my Half-Sister

Ana Wintour who lives in Trotto, Napoli is my half-sister. There is a picture with me and my sister in her apartment and I recognize it because Elaine is wearing her sick dress.

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Inappropriate Reading

In the children’s section of a bookstore all is colored in fuzzy shades of pale yellow, the floors, the chairs, the walls, even the bookshelves and the books.

On the next to top shelf of the center display, where the latest books are advertised, there is a new book with the title “The Cocks and Cuns of Despair”.

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Go Fish

I am in hurry to go to the airport but am still in my cubicle talking to Brendan. The desk has been cleared, nothing is left but the plain light beige wood slightly scratched up after I removed the computer and pencils and things, but Brendan won’t stop talking.

He waves his long blonde locks as he speaks, so that they fall in his face when he bends his head forward a little.

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Bus Stops are Dangerous

Bus stops are dangerous

I am walking by a couple at the gym who are arguing.

The wife yells at the man, “We come all the way to this country and you have to go fuck that Algerian at the bus station!”

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