Bus Stops are Dangerous

Bus stops are dangerous

I am walking by a couple at the gym who are arguing.

The wife yells at the man, “We come all the way to this country and you have to go fuck that Algerian at the bus station!”

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Dad is Alive and Well and Living in Costa Rica

Dad is alive and well and living in Costa Rica

It is getting late and my camera is running out of battery. I am in the valley of dark orange clay mountainsides in Costa Rica. And on the road, as dusk hits, I come across a stall by the roadside. It sells various bric-a-brac, luggage, assorted stuff piled up on old white bookshelves. And on the top shelf, I see a row of secondhand cameras.

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Ambulance Needed, Corner of High Street and Thai

Ambulance needed, corner of high street and Thai

An ambulance is coming along the high street towards the junction where, on the corner, there sits a Thai restaurant. The ambulance is out of view but its sirens are wailing, and I am standing, around the corner, on the cross street a few yards down.

I look across the road at the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling window, where the waitress leans.

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Midnight and it’s Raining at the Movie Theater

Midnight and it’s raining at the movie theater

Siobhan and I are seeing a midnight movie, a film noir, but it’s been going on a long time, and I have work in the morning. And the other moviegoers have put up their umbrellas because of the light drizzle. I can only see the movie through the translucent skins of black canopies.

“Hey!” I complain to the people in front of me.

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No Longer Fit for the Party

Not fit for the party

I am in Paris in the banlieues and I am going to a party. Or at least I think I was invited. And I am parking my car on a deserted dusty brown and ill-lit side street. There are no other cars at first but when I park I find myself trying to squeeze in between a white van and a blue car. I have to shift my car back and forth to maneuver it into the space.

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