The Lion and the Store Full Of Tchotchkes

All the other mini-creatures had been killed and only two remained.

They had to be taken out of the freezer and once they had thawed the mammoth was quite easy to kill but the lion was a different story.

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Business Trip Abuse

Ricky G, Pete Bossman, Johnny Two Shoes and I are sitting outside at a large circular table drinking beers, Ricky to my left, Johnny to my right, Pete opposite. And Johnny is complaining about how people abuse the business trips.

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Visiting the Japanese Mafia for One Last Time

Painting by Ellen Marcus. Copyright Ellen Marcus, reprinted by permission

I went there with Micky and we walked along the balcony corridor of the motel, pool-side, until we found the room. When we knocked and entered, on a large bed, there sat the Japanese man we were to visit.

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Alcohol Ice Cream

She peeks around the partition. Her hair is shaped in an upside down V of tight light brown curls, she has a freckled face and light brown skin.

“What are you you ordering?” I ask.

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Go Fish

I am in hurry to go to the airport but am still in my cubicle talking to Brendan. The desk has been cleared, nothing is left but the plain light beige wood slightly scratched up after I removed the computer and pencils and things, but Brendan won’t stop talking.

He waves his long blonde locks as he speaks, so that they fall in his face when he bends his head forward a little.

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