Down by the River in New York City

Down by the river in New York City

After a brief rain shower, I am cycling around New York City, gleaming cobbled streets on a bright sun filled afternoon.

Here to visit mum, I left my stuff with her in lower Manhattan before I set off with the racer. I have to be careful with its thin tires but nevertheless I am pulling the bike expertly up hills to discover new side streets, while still dodging large pothole puddles.

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How to Put Down a Cat (or Not)

How to put down a cat (or not)

After the last time we had to put down our cat, I was resolved to get someone new.

That time, when the cat’s throat was slit the blood spurted deep red in multiple flashes. It went high, so that the blood went everywhere and there was a lot to clean up.

This time we advertised and a young woman answered our call.

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Runes Will Foretell Your Past

Runes will foretell the past

I was visiting Alice in the north, possibly we were in Finland, but certainly we were high up in the Arctic Circle. And I was considering to move there to be with her but Dee was also there.

They shared adjacent apartments in the same building.

Dee had moved there a short time before my arrival but had already collected items from the local hunters which she stored in her apartment on the second floor.

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Tottenham Court Road Ain’t What it Used to Be

Tottenham Court Road

We had been on a plane to London with two flight attendants, blonde ladies with beige Hubert coats and a confident swagger. And when we got out of the terminal it was already night and there was a light drizzle. It must have been two or three in the morning.

A black cab pulled up and one of attendants turned back to us and said “I feel we know you already, seeing as we’ve spent the last four hours together. More, if you count the hours before the plane.”

Then they got into the cab and were whisked away.

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Designers on the Top of a Brownstone

We are on the top floor of a brownstone that FG has bought and an interior designer is around to measure curtains on the front wall. The thing is, there is only the front wall. And apart from half of an adjacent wall the remaining sides are just bare rooftop sky, exposed to the elements.

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