More Than a Writing Dilemma in a Tarot Card

More than a writing dilemma in a tarot card

Where can I fit destruction into my story?

About my trip to Lantau to see the tarot card reader, when I had to first cut the cards after shuffling them to get a start point. And the destruction card came up, its unfamiliar tower struck by lightning. Maggie French took it and immediately discarded it without analyzing it; even though I knew that it had viciously provided the truth at that moment.

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A Work Trilogy: Interviewing for a New Opportunity

Interviewing for a new opportunity

I had a bit of time so I thought I would go see the hippos.

Through the window I could see a snout on a table but that was it. To the right was the door to get in but when I knocked no one answered. I looked again through the thick plate glass. Maybe I should knock louder, so I did.

And the door slid open.

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A Work Trilogy: More Blah Blah in the Auditorium

More blah blah

I go to the auditorium for the latest announcement from the engineering leadership.

It is in a new hall in dark red cloth colors but as I enter it is very difficult to see empty spots across the dark rows of seats. Shadowy figures fill the auditorium and I bump into a person in an aisle seat that I thought was empty.

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Anatomy of a Murder

Anatomy of a Murder

The anatomy of a murder: I am with Amy, now a psychopath’s girlfriend, right before he murders her; and we are replaying the scene leading up to the event.

The psychopath is a fat puffy man and he jealously governs his actions. His fat fingers will take a knife to her throat and slit her neck.

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Mother Is Doing Fine

Mother is doing fine

I found a double bladed axe on the ground. It was long, almost half my height and next to it was another shorter  axe with four small blades, with points instead of curves and each perpendicular to the other. They did not look like they had been used; there was no blood on either of them, but I thought I should return them to the police anyway.

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