The Pain of Things Left Unsaid

The pain of things left unsaid

It was my last day in Hong Kong and I hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye to Dee.

We’d only met up once during my visit and I was doing my final walk back up the shoreline path in Lamma. Lamma, with its narrow paths and hustling stalls on either side.

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The Fishmonger’s Toilet

My dream has a sense of foreboding.

I am in a flat. It’s night. I think it’s Dee’s flat but she’s away and there is nothing to eat except for two family size bags of cheese puffs. They are unopened and I don’t want to open them without her say so.

The curtains are drawn, and it feels like I’m in a dorm room although we are on the ground floor.

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The Mouth of an Actress

The Mouth of an Actress

Her hair is short straight, dirty blonde, and combed back exposing a pale white forehead. An actress she is; her right cheek is close to the camera, angled up at her from below, showing the sharp line of her jaw.

On the tip of her nose, there glistens a single tear drop, hanging.

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The Frog and Cat – Part 2 Back at the Hotel

The frog and cat

After dozing off again, I find one of the frogs back with me in the hotel room. I have to let him lie in a small container of cold water for a while, to let him recuperate.

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Attacked by a Drone in the Old Fort

Attacked by drones in the old Moroccan fort.

Siobhan, Liam, Lizzie and I went on holiday to Morocco or a place like that and after we had arrived and settled into our hotel, we went wandering around the souk. It was nearby and still filled with people in colorful costumes so we took lots of candid pictures.

The souk was quite open plan but still dusty, and had rich ornate rugs swung over the wooden frames of the stalls to protect the shoppers from the sun’s dusty glare.

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