A Guest House in Alexandria

After the long walk along the Nile I arrived at the hostel. An old man, in a white jellaba led me through a warren of rooms. He had a greying beard and was a little portly. “There is a place,” he assured me, “only one pound.” The Egyptian pound was pegged one to one with the British pound in those days. Still, it was very cheap.

I just didn’t remember coming here before visiting Uncle Vartan.

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Inappropriate Reading

In the children’s section of a bookstore all is colored in fuzzy shades of pale yellow, the floors, the chairs, the walls, even the bookshelves and the books.

On the next to top shelf of the center display, where the latest books are advertised, there is a new book with the title “The Cocks and Cuns of Despair”.

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Death of the Journalist

Death of the journalist

He was only visiting for a short time but it was always a dangerous junction where the car accident occurred.

People crossed there all the time, under the Brentford overpass, at the cross walk; even though you were hidden in the shade behind the thick grey concrete supporting pillars of the freeway.

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More Than a Writing Dilemma in a Tarot Card

More than a writing dilemma in a tarot card

Where can I fit destruction into my story?

About my trip to Lantau to see the tarot card reader, when I had to first cut the cards after shuffling them to get a start point. And the destruction card came up, its unfamiliar tower struck by lightning. Maggie French took it and immediately discarded it without analyzing it; even though I knew that it had viciously provided the truth at that moment.

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