Alcohol Ice Cream

She peeks around the partition. Her hair is shaped in an upside down V of tight light brown curls, she has a freckled face and light brown skin.

“What are you you ordering?” I ask.

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Two Women, One a Smoker the Other a Drinker

Two women, one a drinker one a smoker

I am in a bar with two couples some years younger than me, maybe in their twenties. They are hooked up already, one couple, one side of the booth, the other couple opposite; with me sitting on a chair, next to the second couple.

I fancy the platinum blonde with the long curly hair and would like to go out with her, especially now they talk about swapping partners.

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Lights Out for the Comfort of Strangers

Dawn after lights out in the comfort of strangers, when the birds start singing

I was in a dorm with four beds, arranged in a square, one bed in each corner of the room, lights out, and I was in one of the beds with Matthew’s wife. Matthew was an ex-workmate.

We were furthest from the window and I wasn’t sure why I was sleeping with her because in the other three beds lay married couples, or couples who were single but seeing each other.

It was just the luck of the draw or how the lots were drawn.

Photo from Wallpaper Flare

Finding New Work in the Quarry

Finding new work in the quarry

Siobhan and I are in a quarry in the Philippines. Yellow shale walls on either side split the quarry in two, trucks in a line, blunder through. I am looking for work there, as a software developer, troubled times in tech.

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A Work Trilogy: Interviewing for a New Opportunity

Interviewing for a new opportunity

I had a bit of time so I thought I would go see the hippos.

Through the window I could see a snout on a table but that was it. To the right was the door to get in but when I knocked no one answered. I looked again through the thick plate glass. Maybe I should knock louder, so I did.

And the door slid open.

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