Spies in a Bunker in Prague

Spies in a bunker in Prague

I am in Budapest, only it does not look like Budapest because I have been there; so maybe I am in Prague because I have not been there.

I am in a deserted apartment, more like a bunker, but real high up, above the cityscape. And even though the bunker has only two main rooms, the rooms have strange angles and steps up to the lookout posts. Like a bunker the rooms have grey white walls and the windows are glassless but have metal grills.

The spies were just with me, a man and woman drinking whisky from crystal glasses.  They poured it from a pear shaped decanter with a glass stopper.

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Escaping from a Tsunami


We were on vacation, in a cafeteria, waiting to get on board a plane to one of the islands. It was pouring down outside. A group sat at a long plastic table, but there wasn’t room for us, so Siobhan dragged a second table and aligned it next to theirs. Still it was too small to fit all of us, so I added another table, aligning it next to Siobhan’s.

A woman was sitting at the long table. She was thin, a blue dress, with thin wispy blonde hair, neatly crossed her legs.

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