Lights Out for the Comfort of Strangers

Dawn after lights out in the comfort of strangers, when the birds start singing

I was in a dorm with four beds, arranged in a square, one bed in each corner of the room, lights out, and I was in one of the beds with Matthew’s wife. Matthew was an ex-workmate.

We were furthest from the window and I wasn’t sure why I was sleeping with her because in the other three beds lay married couples, or couples who were single but seeing each other.

It was just the luck of the draw or how the lots were drawn.

Photo from Wallpaper Flare

How to Make Chi Flow in the Room

Chi flow in the room.

I am at the Tai Chi beginners class because I know that some of the advanced students will be there and I have forgotten the sequence to the sixth. I sit to the side as the class concludes.

Then as I leave, a man walks with me into an adjacent Victorian style room. The room is empty but sun filled. It has brilliant white walls, with white crown mouldings, tall open stash windows and pine wood flooring.

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Browsing Bric-a-Brac Stalls on an Old Market Day

I am walking up a hill, a sunlit morning with an old market day feel. I pass by stalls with a variety of wares laid out when I am I stopped by a seller with brown leather hat and neck strap, auburn hair waved across wide shoulders, a hardy weather beaten face. She wears a thick white shirt with sleeves rolled up to her elbows revealing sunburnt arms, faded blue tattoos.

She admires my watch. Can I see that? she asks, and I take it off so that she can get a closer look.

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The Light in the Attic

A light in the attic

Siobhan comes to bed. Turn off the music, she says. I am half asleep but I reach over and hit the mute button.

“Do I have to do it?!” She sounds annoyed, as she comes round to my side of the bed.

“I did it already!” I reply.

Later on, I am fully asleep when she reaches over, gently touches my arm.

“What is the time?” she asks. But I am asleep. She reaches further over.

“Ngghh,” I mutter and I push out at her. “Why you waking me?” And I push her more.

“Don’t fight me,” she exclaims, “I am not a ghost!”

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