The Fishmonger’s Toilet

My dream has a sense of foreboding.

I am in a flat. It’s night. I think it’s Dee’s flat but she’s away and there is nothing to eat except for two family size bags of cheese puffs. They are unopened and I don’t want to open them without her say so.

The curtains are drawn, and it feels like I’m in a dorm room although we are on the ground floor.

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King Minos and the Showgirls

A tall thin man with dark hair and a blue apron stood on the steps of the lecture hall.

“I’m Minos,” he said, “Do you have a token?”

“No, I don’t, King Minos,” I replied.

“Well you need one to go there,” and he pointed further down the steps towards a blue hospitality tent.

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Teleportation in Hyderabad

Teleportation in Hyderabad

I was in the airport in Hyderabad. I ate a full meal, their famous biryani, but Siobhan didn’t join me. She was right that it was unwise as I suddenly had a need to go to the toilet. Only I had to find it first.

“Hurry up,” she said as I left the line waiting to get on the plane.

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Reunion with an Ex is High Risk

Reunions with an ex are high risk

I am on a wooden boat at night. Siobhan and I have a cabin. And I am on the lower deck trying to clean up with the leaf blower. At first it will not work, but I remember that once I add the attachment it won’t overheat; only then will it start to do the job.

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