Choreography in a Cave

I was out cycling with Liam in the old country. Large mock Tudor buildings surrounded cobble stone streets as we passed through the village. I was ahead of him on my little red bicycle, it was one of those commuter bikes with the small wheels, and I passed under an old stone arch into an open grassy forecourt on a bright sunny day, then cycled across a pebbled path.

I bore right, next, into a cavernous hall hewn from rock.

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The Frog and Cat – Part 1 At the Restaurant

The Frog and Cat

I’m in Indonesia and we’ll eat over in the restaurant district. But before I leave my small single room for the restaurant, I notice that I have a cut on my belly. It is on my right side, just above the joint of my hip but I won’t have any time to do something about it.

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Cheerleaders for the New Guy, Join the Fun!

Cheerleaders for the new guy, join the fun

The office’s older parts of the building, red orange stone arches and brick walls interplay with modern smoky blue grey glass facades, overlooking green rolling hills. I am at a new place of work, or a new company or a company that acquired us.

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Return to the Dance

Return to the dance

Returning to the flamenco studio I am excited to restart.

I find a seat  on the steps in the audience. On either side of me, I place a white sock so that I can demarcate my space. Others come and settle down next to me. So I walk up the steps, to see if the view is better there.

I am dressed in a white cotton frilled shirt, my black, high waist pants and the flamenco boots with the high heels and pointed toes. They clack on the wooden floor as I walk. I am sporting a good 2 days stubble.

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The Hospital and the Swimming Pool Noodle


Siobhan and I are at a hospital. We both have a disease. Cancerous? Siobhan has psoriasis, she has it spread across her bare chest and towards her arms and shoulders. You cannot see it on me.

The nurse leads us to a waiting room, more like a shower changing area with a curtain. She tells us to sit on the swimming noodles, one each.

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