Teleportation in Hyderabad

Teleportation in Hyderabad

I was in the airport in Hyderabad. I ate a full meal, their famous biryani, but Siobhan didn’t join me. She was right that it was unwise as I suddenly had a need to go to the toilet. Only I had to find it first.

“Hurry up,” she said as I left the line waiting to get on the plane.

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Saboteur Needs to be Killed with a Needle

Killing the saboteur with a needle

I had a needle to kill the saboteur with.

It was sharp and needed to be oiled but after Siobhan had broken it, it was replaced by a thicker Cleopatra style needle which had a base that was inserted into a thin plastic case which acted as a sheath. The case contained the oil but I kept the new needle and sheath apart for closer to the time.

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How to Make Chi Flow in the Room

Chi flow in the room.

I am at the Tai Chi beginners class because I know that some of the advanced students will be there and I have forgotten the sequence to the sixth. I sit to the side as the class concludes.

Then as I leave, a man walks with me into an adjacent Victorian style room. The room is empty but sun filled. It has brilliant white walls, with white crown mouldings, tall open stash windows and pine wood flooring.

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Throwing Sandwiches Doesn’t Do Any Good

Throwing sandwiches

I was sitting with Georgie when it was time to go. This was after cleaning up the avocado sandwich that I threw at the wall.

We were seated in deck chairs outside, in a garden with fake grass, and I had made the sandwich earlier with the only ingredients I could find. A piece of white bread, a thick slice of pâté, cut, but placed in one solid chunk on the bread. Then the avocado buttered on top.

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Unloading on High School and its Consequences

Unloading on high school

I sat at my desk but Rebecca Farmer suggested we go get some ice cream . It was unusual because I had never really spent time with her before.

“Sure,” I said and we went down to the lunch hall, but when we got there there was a long line of people with trays.

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